Rajabas Earthquake House Rebuild

Rajabas Earthquake House Rebuild Project

Over two years have passed since the catastrophic earthquake of April 2015. Many houses remain standing and from a distance look fine. But on closer inspection the damage is clear. The cracks that appeared as a result of the earthquake have rendered them uninhabitable. Since the earthquake, spiraling costs have meant houses must be rebuilt along government guidelines, introducing structural practices to make them more earthquake proof. The government has offered up grants to help rebuild but the amounts are woefully inadequate. Village people cannot make up the shortfall and so the houses stand and remain as they did after the earthquake had reeked its havoc. Our plan is to help rebuild the area in and around the village of Rajabas. Phase 1 will see us rebuild five houses in the centre of the village. We are hoping our target of £20,000 will be enough to

Funding Required : £20,000
Funding Raised : £4,300.00
Percentage Raised : 21%

top up the grants provided by the government. The village people themselves will make a contribution themselves to the value of around £4000 ($5000). This contribution is made up of materials from their existing building and the unskilled labour they can provide to back up the skilled labour provided. To be fair to the families each will be provided with the same style house. These houses will be built to be earthquake resistant and their design sympathetic to traditional style. Within the brickwork are framed structures, which hold the building together in the case of a further earthquake. The people whose houses are in need of rebuilding are the very same people who provide the very kindest hospitality to those who have visited Rajabas over the many years. Please help us to help them to get their lives back in order and for them to return to a proper home.

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